We spent the day yesterday touring and meeting with Stars; it was an amazing day. From the top down the culture of this organisation is jaw-dropping. Amazing people who do amazing work. If I was a fan before, I am now ready to head up the Lethbridge chapter of their fan club.

Trevor Panzcak and I, Mike Marcotte owner Prime Catering, started working with Stars 2 years ago to re-ignite some fundraising efforts here in Southern Alberta. This year, the Boots and Roots event was a huge success raising over 38K.

Now its time to get serious! We are excited about next year and some other initiatives we discussed with the Executive team yesterday.

Our committee is going to grow with Tania Stilson (A-Win Insurance), Dave Jackson (Lealta Building Supplies) and Dallas Harty (Re/Max Real Estate Lethbridge) coming on board.

After 30 years of Stars flying missions, it’s time for a new fleet so if we all want to sleep better at night knowing Stars is ready to go 24/7, we are going to need to rally the troops and double our efforts.

The scope of work past, present and future can’t be expressed in this post. We are going to work on sharing more information. Once the magnitude of their work is understood it is impossible not to want to rally around the privilege that Stars is for all. We are all potential VIP’s (Very Important Patients).

Thanks to all who have supported, and all who will support.

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